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Home Renovation: We Make Your Home More Beautiful

Ceron Home Improvement Handyman & Cleaning is a leading home renovation company in Brewster, NY. We passionately provide quality home improvement services to our clients. We can handle any kind of project, from small to large-scale projects.

Our Services

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

We made many people happy with our home improvement services. We've been helping for a while now and are ready to help you, too! Our team of experts is always ready to walk you through every step of your project, from design to installation. The employees will work with you to ensure that every detail is exactly how you want it - and then we'll get started on making it happen.
Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler

If you're looking for an interior remodeling service, look no further. We are the ones you want! We are a company specializing in making your home more beautiful and functional. Our team comprises skilled professionals who are passionate about what they do and love working with people who want their homes to be beautiful and functional. 


We're the top drywall service in town. The team knows what it takes to make your space look perfect and has the knowledge and expertise to get it done right. Our company professionals will work with you to ensure that every aspect of your complete home remodeling project is handled with care and attention from start to finish. We'll constantly help you select the right materials for your needs. 


We're here to help you ideally with all of your plumbing needs. Whether you're looking for a new toilet or want to get your kitchen sink fixed, we can help. Our plumbers are trained and certified to work on any plumbing issue, from leaks to clogs. We'll come out to your space and provide tailored solutions to your needs.


We believe every home should be a place where you can feel comfortable and at ease. That's why we're always here to help you get the electricity service you need to make your home your own. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with your electrical needs, from installing new outlets or switches to repairing old wiring or installing solar panels on your roof!


Painting is a simple way to add color and style to your home - and it's a great way to increase the value of your property. Whether you're looking for an accent wall or want to completely redecorate, we'll help you find the right colors and styles for your space. Our painters are experts at making sure their work looks great, no matter what kind of surface they're working with. 


Ceron Home Improvement Handyman & Cleaning


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Benefits of our quality home improvement services:
We know that when it comes to getting work done on your house, there are plenty of options, but not all contractors offer the same level of service or quality materials. At Ceron Home Improvement Handyman & Cleaning, we only hire great business craftsmen with years of experience under their belts.

Our process includes the following:

  • Assessment of your needs and requirements;
  • Designing a plan that fits your budget and meets all your requirements;
  • Execution of the plan by our team of experts who have years of experience in this field;
  • Final inspection by us before handing over possession back to you;

Our services are available in these locations:

  • Brewster Heights, NY;
  • Drewville Heights, NY;
  • Sodom, NY;
  • Deans Corner, NY

Contact us today at (845) 212-2248 in Brewster, NY if you’re ready for some new renovations or improvements!

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Client Testimonials

Great Work!

I had fantastic experience with this home renovation company! They were able to help me renovate my home and make it look like a brand-new place. I am so happy with the result that I decided to use them again for another project in my house.

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